From basic to exclusive and decorative

Besides functional basic fabrics our collection also offers innovative varieties with extra narrow or wide stripes, stylish jacquard patterns and exclusive fabrics with elegant details.


The elegant double roller blind fabrics in this collection were inspired by nature. Natural materials, structures and color blends give the blind a pure and timeless look. Eyecatcher in the collection is a variety with a subtle cascading effect.


This exclusive double roller blind collection embodies pure luxury for the window. The collection includes jacquards with delicate micro patterns, elegant satin shine and metallic varieties and fabrics with exceptional embroideries for a three-dimensional effect.


The fabrics in this collection form the perfect base for any double roller blind collection. The collection includes transparent and black-out fabrics in different looks. The entire collection stands out for its extensive range of colors, including basic neutrals as well as a wide variety of expressive hues.