Coulisse expects further growth for its 25th anniversary

With an increase in turnover to more than 90 million Euro, Coulisse has achieved its business objective for 2016. This huge growth was reached thanks to the positive developments in several markets in Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia and Australia, as well as the continued strong position in multiple main product groups such as roller blinds, screens, double roller and Venetian wood blinds.

“In 2016, Coulisse introduced its online portal and experienced an increase in the number of customers relying on its marketing services. In 2017 we will further expand our service offering in the field of marketing concepts.”, so says Klaus Germes, director components. “Last year, we designed and produced nearly 100 customer-collections worldwide.” Coulisse expects among others, that this full concept approach, the general positive tendency in the market and the increased focus on the contract market will lead to another significant growth in 2017. In the year of its 25th anniversary, Coulisse expects to achieve a new milestone in turnover: 100 million Euro is set as target.

Recharge, the theme of the new Coulisse journal

At the Heimtextil 2017, Coulisse will present the new and 5th edition of the Coulisse journal. In this inspiring magazine, Coulisse expresses its creative strength in inspiring customers all over the world. The theme of this new journal is Recharge. With this theme, Coulisse invites readers to enjoy a more balanced life in creating a relaxed environment at home and in the public space. “Finding time to nourish and recharge yourself isn’t a luxury nowadays. Life can be stressful in the hectic pace of modern life. Especially in today’s uncertain times, people have an increasing need to surround themselves with senses of tranquility and peace. The textile fabrics and the wide range of soft and white tones in our collection contribute to the feeling of harmony, balance and innocence people are looking for.”, says Catharina Idema, Head Designer at Coulisse.

Coulisse takes next step into the contract market

Following the successful introduction of the Coulisse contract collection and the positive developments in the market in the recent years, Coulisse will be increasing its focus on the contract market in 2017. Considering this focus, Coulisse has appointed Remco Roelofs as responsible Contract Business Support Officer. In addition, Coulisse will be presenting a new contract movie on Heimtextil 2017. The movie shows several projects Coulisse finalized and gives a sneak preview of the way Coulisse connects window coverings and architecture. In the last couple of years, Coulisse extended its contract range into a complete and innovative offering, that includes luxury systems and fabrics and in which design and functionality seamlessly come together.

Coulisse takes next step into the contract market

Coulisse brings new top screens

As an addition to its existing screen offering Coulisse will gradually be launching a range of new screens in 2017. Besides excellent functional properties, the new screens stand out for their decorative nature. The design approach in developing these new screens gives a new decorative dimension to ‘screen’ as a fabric, which makes them suitable for both the residential and the contract market, ensuring a modern and architectural look, from the inside as well as outside. The new screens are all available in a width of 300 cm, enabling the building of wider window constructions and saving waste when used for smaller windows.

Coulisse presents a series of new double roller fabrics

Coulisse introduces a series of new double roller fabrics with a beautiful natural touch. The fabrics are available in very soft and refined powdery color tones, which make them perfectly tie in with the growing demand for materials with a different look and style. The new double roller fabrics each have their own distinctive features, such as a subtle gloss, metallic touch or a pure natural look. The wide range of soft and white tones in the collection, contribute to the feeling of peace and harmony. With this new collection, Coulisse responds to the trend in the market centered around ever-softer color tones and tactile materials.

Affordable and keen motorization with the new Coulisse Pull Motor

The Coulisse pull motor is a clever step-in model that offers the advantages of motorization, whilst taking away all complexity of regular motorization. The one-time programming is done by a simple push of the button to set three desired upper-, bottom- and in-between-stop position. Meaning no hassles with on/off-switches and program-modes etc. The installation is similar to a chain mechanism ensuring install conveniences and time savings. For the wireless operation of the blind no separate batteries, power supply cables and remote control are needed, which leads to significant cost savings and an attractive purchasing price for those who prefer child-safe motorization.

Coulisse introduces the new child-safe Cordless Spring System

The child-safe Cordless spring roller system is a new solution, characterized by the ease of installation that matches the simplicity of a chain system. The spring tension will be set globally at the factory in advance. A transport locker keeps the previously adjusted tension on the system until the moment of installation. After installation, further fine-tuning can be done with the adjusting wheel. The blind can be controlled through the bottom bar by hand. It can slide up and down and be stopped at any height, having a slight backspacing. The spring mechanism ensures a smooth rolling of the blind. This roller blind has no mounting profile, no operation cords or chains, giving it a clean and neat look and making it an affordable child-safe solution.

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