Energy conservation

A sustainable way of life and of consuming go hand in hand. Increasingly more people are aware of their energy consumption and choose a long lifetime of quality products and materials over cheap and quick.

The right window coverings can reduce your energy bill, for instance with Honeycell fabric in 2 or 3 layers that retains warmth or a fabric enhanced with an aluminum coating for an extra high insulation value.

Facts about insulation and window coverings:

  • HR++ double glazing with insulating window coverings are especially efficient in terms of energy conservation.
  • In older houses, in which only single glazing can be used, the combination of single glazing with 2-layered roller blinds and an aluminum coating approaches the insulating value of HR+ double glazing.
  • Aluminum coatings are sun and heat resistant in the summer and warmth insulating in the winter.

The energy-efficient collections by Coulisse

Ideal for energy conservation in the office or home are the fabrics from our both our screen and Honeycell collections. The screen collection by Coulisse offers a large number of qualities that are all flame-retardant and safe for people and the environment. There are various opening factors, colors and exclusive, decorative varieties with unique weaving patterns called Ultimate.

Their cell structure provides the Honeycell fabrics with insulating properties. The collection offers simple functional varieties with varying cell sizes, but also innovative decorative varieties with stylish prints and natural structures. A reflective coating enhances the qualities of the fabrics even more.

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