Window coverings integrated into architecture

In contemporary architecture, the inside and outside are not considered to be two different places anymore. Architects carefully consider matters such as privacy, TV and computer screen lighting, light filtering and window coverings. The degree of light and how it enters the house, for instance, is crucial for how the building or space is perceived and the related living and working pleasure. Even in zero energy buildings heat-resistant and heat-insulating window coverings play a part. In addition to the functional aspect, the aesthetic value of inside and outside shades becomes increasingly important. It is no longer the final element, but is integrated as part of the architecture.

Trends in building and interior decorating

  • Heat-resistant/semi-transparent screens: the view outside is not blocked and much daylight is allowed in, but people are prevented from looking inside. The light filtering effect of screens also has a non-reflective effect on TV and computer screens.
  • Centrally controlled window coverings as an integral part of the entire indoor climate system. The best possible mutual interaction between heating and air conditioning, in accordance with the trend of sustainable building and sustainable building management.
  • 3D-fabric that insulates heat and cold and has an acoustic (noise-reducing) function.

The Coulisse screen collection

In the Coulisse screen collection design and functionality go hand in hand. In addition to merely functional fabrics, the collection also includes a series of exclusive and decorative varieties called Ultimate. The Ultimate screens are available in a high-quality metallic finish, an exclusive couture look and innovative jacquard-woven patterns. In the window, they add a daring architectural element to the front of the house. Many of the screens in the collection can be used both inside and outside the house.

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