Absolute Honeycomb

A modular concept

Absolute Honeycomb is compatible with 25-38-45 mm cellular fabrics and 32-50 mm pleated fabrics. Both the bottom-up configuration and the top-down/bottom-up configuration are available with four control options: cord-lock, chain/cord, cordless and motorized. For top-down/bottom-up configurations, a specially designed cavity in the head rail ensures seamless closure of the system without any light gaps.

Child safe by design

The motorized Absolute Honeycomb top-down/bottom-up system sets a new child safety standard. A patented mechanical stopper in the head rail of the system prevents the bottom rail from passing the head rail. As a result, the cords in the system remain tensioned at any time and will not hang loose, so no loops occur. Our wireless honeycomb motor with integrated usb rechargeable lithium-ion battery can be used on both sides of the head rail thanks to its smart swivel end.


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