NEW! Absolute skylight

Absolute Skylight is a completely new system for skylight windows. The system offers configurations for both roller shade fabrics and cellular fabrics. The system was developed to fit skylights from all common brands in the market. Cassettes and profiles are available in multiple standard skylight sizes. As a result, your stock can be kept low and loss of materials during the assembly process is prevented. The ready-made profiles are easy to install in a few simple steps.

Skylight roller tensioned

Tensioned bottom bar

Skylight roller tilt-brake

Tilt-brake bottom bar

Skylight honeycomb

Tensioned top-down/bottom-up

Skylight collection

The Coulisse collection for Absolute Skylight offers roller shade fabrics and cellular fabrics in both black-out and transparent qualities and a wide range of timeless colors. Thanks to the excellent reflective and insulating properties of the fabrics, the Absolute Skylight collection helps regulating the climate.

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