Coulisse presents ECO SERENE

9 August 2019

Plastic waste is a problem that concerns us all. To make a difference, we developed roller blind fabric Eco Serene, as part of our make an impact-campaign. Eco Serene is made of 80% recycled PET bottles. Each roller blind sold contributes to a cleaner world.

Three colors
Eco Serene is available in three timeless colors: blanc, cream and grey. The fabric is suitable for roller blinds and panel blinds and is available in a width of 200 cm. The transparent fabric beautifully filters the light. Thanks to its thin composure, Eco Serene is supple and elegant. Its ultra-fine texture perfectly suits any interior.

25% less impact
During production, 50% less energy and water is used compared to conventional polyester roller blind fabrics. Producing Eco Essence has 25% less impact on the environment.