We love Trashpackers!

12 November 2018

Contribute to a better, cleaner world
At Coulisse, we continue our mission to contribute to a better, cleaner world. That is why, we have decided to support Trashpackers, a global platform for backpackers who want to help create a better world by cleaning up trash. Backpacker Tijmen Sissing founded Trashpackers earlier this year. While travelling the world, Tijmen decided to start cleaning up beaches by collecting plastic trash. His clean-ups got tremendous attention around the globe; they went viral with 250.000 video-views, gaining 10.000 followers in just one week! It inspired other backpackers to start cleaning up polluted places too, which led Tijmen to create an online platform for backpackers who want to join his mission. Trashpackers was born and recently initiated a challenge to collect 100.000 bags of trash in one year.

Using recycled materials for new products
The way Trashpackers wants to make the world a healthier and cleaner place is a true inspiration for us at Coulisse and for many others in the world. In order to support their mission, we will each year donate part of our turnover in sustainable roller blind fabric Award-winning fabric Eco Essence to Trashpackers. Eco Essence is made of 100% PET bottles. By using recycled materials for new products, we aim at reducing the further production of new materials and plastic waste in the world. Because we support Trashpackers, each time we sell our roller blind fabric Eco Essence, a contribution to a cleaner world is made. “The essence of our partnership is our shared motivation: to contribute to a better, cleaner world by converting plastic waste into valuable products. This first requires a transition in the awareness that trash is not just trash, but that it can be a raw material from which valuable products are manufactured,” says Tijmen.

Read about our sustainable roller blind fabric Eco Essence and request samples.