SMART & SAFE: Meet the next generation in roller blinds

5 August 2019

Thanks to increasingly strict regulations regarding child safety, cordless window coverings are becoming more popular by the day. However, these updated safety standards require new solutions and innovative design. With over 25 years of experience in designing high-end window covering solutions that combine beauty and function, we know exactly how to tackle that challenge.

Child safe by design
Coulisse is proud to present the new additions to our modular Absolute Roller 2.0 concept: the next generation in roller blind technology. We’ve taken one of the most popular window covering systems worldwide and completely reinvented it. Discover new functionalities, new styles, and new control options. Even better: the manually and motorized control options are child safe by design. After all, safety always comes first.

Modular design
With our modular technology, you’re in control. Mix and match design elements to create the perfect made-to-measure solution. Metal or plastic, manual or motorized… The possibilities are endless! Say goodbye to hazardous loops, mediocre design and complicated operation – and hello to great optics, ultimate convenience and maximum safety. Why settle for less?

The options:

Our award-winning TWIN PULL design combines all the benefits of a traditional chain mechanism with high-end technical innovation. By using two separate, retractable chains or wands rather than a single loop, TWIN PULL takes a fresh, child safe approach to roller blind technology.

For those who prefer the ultimate clean design, Coulisse presents CORDLESS. These user-friendly roller blinds are completely cordless and easy to install, without mounting profile. The secret is in the innovative smart installation lock that keeps the blind perfectly tensioned throughout the installation process and transport. Easy!

And then there’s SINGLE PULL, which uses the best of both designs. This new solution was developed by Coulisse and is ideal for large windows with out-of-reach roller blinds. The dual options of bottom bar and single retractable chain always ensure smooth operation.

The future is MOTION
Smart solutions like Alexa and Google Assistant allow consumers to customize a wide range of features in and around their home. Voice control options and smartphone applications make operating accessible to all, even from a distance. So why not extend that ultimate control to window coverings?

Imagine being able to control the roller blinds in your home from anywhere. Imagine saving energy, creating privacy and making your home a safer place – all with a single touch. Imagine truly revolutionary design. Welcome to the world of MOTION.

Our groundbreaking motorization technology and user-friendly design make automation accessible to everyone. The MOTION concept comes with an integrated li-on battery that’s rechargeable via micro USB. This innovative solution includes a pull mechanism and remote control, but can also be operated via voice commands, the MOTION Blinds smartphone app, or leading smart home applications Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. Automating blinds has never been this