XL Pleated Blinds

Graphic line play

XL pleated blinds are the perfect solution to decorate your large windows. The horizontal lines of the pleated blinds create a modern effect and with their width of 50 mm, they make a striking statement in your interior. Coulisse offers a complete collection of XL pleated blind fabrics that offers, apart from basics, sophisticated embroidered patterns, graphic prints and luxurious jacquards.

The Coulisse collection includes a 50 mm XL pleat system of our own design that is easy to install and use. This system is also suitable for extremely large blinds with dimensions up to 5x5 meters. XL pleated systems can also be automated. Our revolutionary automation solution Pull Motion makes motorized blinds available for everyone and is compatible with XL pleated blinds. This automated system is super easy to install and operate and lets you enjoy the simplicity of motorized blinds.

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