Warehouse and logistics

Global distribution, storage and support

Coulisse has offices throughout the world, allowing us to support our customers in the best possible way, to guarantee the quality of our products and to introduce trends quickly.

New systems and collections are developed in our own Design Studio and Engineering department at our headquarters in The Netherlands, where our 11.000m2 warehouse and distribution center are also located. Not only do we have a warehouse at our headquarters in The Netherlands, from where our products are shipped throughout the world on a daily basis, we also work together with an experienced logistic partner in Germany. This partner is well known in the do-it-yourself market and has a storage area of 48.000m2, from where products are shipped to 32 countries all over the world. Taking our social responsibility as a company is an important pillar for Coulisse. To demonstrate its significance, part of our products is produced by our social workplace Inclusive Production. Products are supplied from stock and, if required, per item.

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